About Gochas

Gochas is one of the smallest villages in the South of Namibia.  The Village has been the main settlement of the Kharakhoen (Fransman Nama), a sub-tribe of the Nama people, since 1889.

The Famous Kgalagadi Trans-Frontier Park and Mata Mata Border post is only 182km from Gochas.

Gochas is surrounded by semi-arid sandy savanna that extends 900,000 square kilometers into much of Botswana, parts of Namibia, and regions of South Africa – stunning scenic beauty awaits travelers who choose to meander down this tranquil route along the Kalahari Desert. This wide expanse of this area is excellent for grazing after a decent rainy season.  The red dunes of the Kalahari are a strong contrast to the white, calcareous rocks of the valley exposed by the ephemeral dry Auob River bed.

This little village used to be a camel station during the early 1900’s while South-West Africa was under German occupation.  German soldiers and the Police were stationed here during the raging war against the Nama leader Hendrik Witbooi and his right-hand man Simon Kooper.  A resting point was set us near the then border, for camels to drink and rest. This is where the Guest House got its name and crest. Camel’s Rest.

Facilities in the Village

Engen Service Station – Petrol, Diesel available 24hours, and tyre repair during office hours.

Workshop, Mechanic and towing service during office hours

OK Grocer store, that stocks fresh produce, groceries, ice and freshly baked bread

Kaap Agri

Bank Windhoek ATM inside the OK Grocer & Kaap Agri (Only available during office hours)

Post Office

Police Station


Distances From Gochas to

  • Stampriet – 73km gravel road
  • Mariental – 135km gravel road (or 60km tar road from Stampriet)
  • Gibeon – 118km gravel road
  • Buitepos Border to Botswana – 433km
  • Mata Mata Gate to Kgalagadi Transfronteir Park – 182km gravel road
  • Windhoek – 370km (of which 73km is gravel road, the rest tar)


  • German War Memorial at the intersection of C15 & C18
  • German Graveyard in Gochas village
  • Auob Country Lodge Game drives: Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebees, Hartebees, and many more to see

Call for more information: +264 81 749 0514